hth® complete pool care kit

  • controls bacteria and algae in swimming pool waters
  • quick dissolving stabilized shock treatment
  • ideal for pool startup
  • will not affect pH levels

  • Treats up to 80,000 L
  • Available only at Costco
  • Contains:
 hth degreaser 4L                   Start Up Shock            hth metal and stain defense
 hth® degreaser  hth® start-up shock  hth® metal & stain defense
  • Helps remove organic matter in swimming pool waters
  • Simplifies pool opening preparation
  • Removes oil and dirt buildup from pool water
  • Controls bacteria and algae in swimming pool waters
  • Quick dissolving stabilised shock treatment
  • Ideal for pool startup
  • Will not affect pH levels
  • Aids in reducing fluctuations in pH levels





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