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From simple issues like cloudy water or pH fluctuation to more specialized problems like metals in your water and cleaning filters, these products work fast and effectively to tackle most pool problems. Keeping these products handy helps ensure a clean pool.

HTH® Test to Swim Strips

  • Tests for total and free chlorine

HTH® 6-Way Test Strips

  • Tests for free available chlorine, bromine, total chlorine, alkalinity, pH, total hardness and cyanuric acid.

HTH® 3-Way Test Kit

  • Test for: chlorine, bromine, and pH

HTH® pH Increaser

  • Raises pH levels
  • High pH can cause eye irritation and cloudy water

HTH® pH Decreaser

  • Lowers pH levels
  • Also use this product to help lower alkalinity levels

HTH® Alkalinity Increaser

  • Increases total alkalinity levels
  • Helps maintain proper pH levels

HTH® Stabilizer

  • Prevents chlorine loss due to intense sunlight
  • Raises cyanuric acid levels in water