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HTH® Pool Care Products are color-coded to make it easy for you to find the products you need and to follow our 4-Step Pool Care Program to maintain sparkling blue, crystal clear water. By simply looking at the package you'll see which step you are completing in the 4-Step Pool Care Program.

Testing & Balance

Testing water is a simple process. Simply use an HTH® test kit or test strips to measure pH, free available chlorine (FAC), total chlorine (TCL), total alkalinity (TA).

Be sure to adjust your alkalinity levels first before adjusting your pH levels. Once you have reached an ideal range for alkalinity then test your pH levels again and add the recommended amount of HTH® ph Up or HTH® pH Down to your pool water.

Along with testing, the first step in maintaining safe, sparkling clear water is to balance your water. Balanced water prevents corrosion, etching, equipment damage and scale buildup. It also ensures maximum sanitizer efficiency. The chlorine in your pool water can work most effectively when ideal ranges are maintained.

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